Live at Leeds Fest 2014



For the cost of two warm beers, an emergency poncho and a single gristly burger at any other festival Live at Leeds offers up twenty-four of its city’s best venues filled with so much music you won’t know where to begin.


Top tips:


  • Do not drink your own body weight in vodka the night before – the bands are too excellent for you to be nursing a raging headache.
  • Plan your route and schedule – google maps int that great and Leeds College of Music int that close.
  • Pick a wild card – they’re not on Pitchfork’s ‘ones to watch’? Give a toss. You never know what golden act you may stumble upon.
  • Do not eat a Yorkie and then interview George Ezra – he will not tell you that you have chocolate around your mouth and you will end up looking like a massive tit.
  • Be prepared to walk 500 miles- you may want that extra inch of a heel when attempting to catch Clean Bandit’s eye but believe me, the blisters will ruin you and you will cry.
  • Do not assume a band is Finnish because their name is – ‘SIVU’ is in no way Scandinavian but from Cambridgeshire. My questions about Nordic folk went down as badly as ABBA’s foil outfits in 1974.

Do not miss out on this amazing festival. 2015 has got one to beat!


24/4/14 Belgrave Music Hall: The Mexanines.



We said they’dbe everywhere. The Mexanines have been dominating the Leeds music scene for months and quite rightly too. Through Mr Brander’s distinguishable vocals, the band exude happy-go-lucky vibes with serious synth backing. Having had the pleasure of experiencing one of their chilled acoustic sets the individuals’ talent and natural chemistry are undeniable. Said chemistry is evident in the video for ‘Fires’; capturing boys-being-boys the footage makes any aspiring musician itch to be part of their band. ‘PICK US MEXANINES, WE CAN PLAY TRIANGLE’.

Catch them at Belgrave, catch them whenever you can; having grown this big in the few months, this brotherhood are soon to blowup.

LSR Presents: The Transmission.


There is no better house, nor host, for Goodbye Chanel’s reverb than our very own University’s ‘MINE’. ‘The Transmission’ is set to be a very large party indeed, with a magical line up that would excite even the most introverted of our indie followers going out live on Leeds Student Radio. With one foot settled nicely in an 80s hightop, (probably from the foot of Marty McFly himself), the other is striving forward nicely as Goodbye Chanel are currently unstoppable. With their latest 6-track album ‘Hot City Night’s available for pre-order, their unforgettable riffs and haunting vocals will be filling the walls of MINE for a performance that shan’t be easily forgotten and will be regrettably missed. The night marks  a quick stop off for The Magic Gang who are taking over the country by taking their heavy bass lines on tour. ‘Melody makers’ and ‘vibe crafters’ their set will no doubt tantalize after The Zozo Band get the evening underway. Drinks deals? Giveaways? BNOCs and giveaways? (Sadly no giveaway BNOCs). All in one night? The Transmission will be big. Get involved.